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Post  MoreBeer on Tue Feb 10, 2009 6:18 pm

Original text on the Ikariam Boards, written by August.

Taken from our external alliance page:

In HBC, you are free to choose whatever path you should choose to take; we pride ourselves much more in our freedom of choice rather than our exercise of control over our individual members. HBC is not a peaceful alliance, nor is it an aggressive one.

What this essentially means is that we are indeed an alliance that believes in freedom of choice, and that liberty fully extends to the arena of pillaging and pirating.

With that said:

If you should be under attack by a member of HBC

1. It is not an attack sanctioned by the Higher Bridge alliance. If we were truly attacking you, you'd know.

2. With the previous point in mind, the attack on you is by the individual - a concept that is highly prized within our alliance.

3. By attacking you, our member knowingly accepts the full consequences of their actions. If a Corsair of the Higher Bridge decides to engage in an act of piracy, then the target alliance or player is free to enforce whatever defensive policies they deem necessary on our player without an official repercussion from HBC, irregardless of whether that is taking the (preferred) route of diplomacy, or military engagement.

Limitations on our policy

1. If the retaliating alliance persists in ganging up against our member with more than three players for an extended period of time, the Higher Bridge may seek to take an official stance against such players.

2. Unless justification can be made to one of our officers, under normal circumstances HBC will not tolerate retaliation from an alliance other than the attacked alliance.

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