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Post  MoreBeer on Tue Feb 10, 2009 6:26 pm

Original text on the Ikariam Boards, written by August.

As of late, I have seen the name of our alliance magically sprout up on the external alliance pages of various smaller alliances.
To clarify: at this time, HBC honors no MDP or NAP previously signed, except from those with the following alliances:

1. Members of the AWC | Fury, KINGS

We are not interested in any MDPs whatsoever. The only MDP we will ever have is with the AWC.

We aren't likely to be interested in a NAP. Generally all these do is reduce the list of potential targets for pillagers. We may consider NAPs with sufficiently strong alliances who are otherwise on good terms with the AWC. As before, our first loyalty as an alliance is to our coalition.

Note: NAP=Non Aggression Pact. MDP=Mutual Defense Pact.

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